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I live in Courtice, ON, a place google can't find on the map (dare you to try after reading this. You'll probably find Clarington, ON which doesn't really exist, it's a municipality). I spend most of my time driving those nearest and dearest, absolutely crazy, and procrastinating on numerous schemes. (If not for the laws of physics and my attention span, I'd be unstoppable, muhahaha).

On a more serious note, I'm really an open book. I like to seeing the lighter side in life, and though sometimes what I write might be on the darker side, I like to think that even at the darkest point in one's lives, there's always hope. I like characters who are not afraid to have faults, nothing drives me crazy when I'm reading than a character that's 'holier than thou'
I also love suspense and fantasy because sometimes we all need an escape from reality.

If you have any more question or inquiries please don't hesitate to send me a message, though I'm sorry now if I don't get back to them immediately, I will definitely try.

Interview With Me Hosted by Jason Shannon

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