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Excerpt from Shadowy Stillness


Book Two of Halsin Chronicles



 I heard a loud shriek from beside me, which drew me from my musings. Cursing mentally at my own stupidity, I spun around to see a guy in a hoodie had grabbed Meri around the shoulders and was trying to drag her away from me.

“I don't bloody think so, mate,” I snarled clinching the sword in my hand.

Meri reacted at the same time, as she stomped down hard on the top of his right foot. I heard her attacker curse roundly and let go of her.

“Meri duck!” I declared.

She dropped to the ground instantly as I lobbed off the head of her attacker.

Meri looked up at me, wide eyed and pale. Reality set in and I realized that I just killed a random person in front of her.

“Ah...” I stammered looking for something suitable to say, thank the Light, Meri seemed to be able to fill the void.

“Well that was interesting,” she commented as she stood up.

That was interesting? I was a bit floored by that reaction I was really expecting hysterics at this point.

“Will, don't look so worried. You just saved my life from one of those snake men. Wait, you did know that before you killed him right?”

I finally really looked at the body inwardly breathing a sigh of relief as I responded with, “Yeah I did.”
“Really?” Meri asked cocking her eyebrow in doubt.

“Really,” I lied sheepishly

Meri looked at me for a long moment before she shrugged her shoulders, then walked over and grasped my hand.

“Well, crazy is as crazy does I guess. Anyway it's time to rely on the good ole 'buddy system', This way no one can try and drag me off again,” she told me.

Well that was for damn sure, I thought.

No one, not even Septimus Dracul, was going to hurt her ever. I was going to see to that personally.

Meri tugged my hand to move on but acting impulsively I pulled her into my arms and kissed her.

I really didn't have a good answer as to why I did it but in that moment with Meri I felt that I just woke up from a dreary sleep to a colourful and chaotic world.

When I finally pulled away for a long moment before looked at her as I leaned my head against hers and whispered, “for luck.”

We broke apart suddenly at the sound of cursing. We turned to see what the matter was.

“I’m starting to think that Wulf only speaks in curses,” Meri commented.

“I’m starting to agree,” I replied.

“Here I am getting my butt kicked and you two are making out, this is unreal,” Wulf stated.

I snorted, Wulf getting his butt kicked? This I had to see.

“... Mmm, Wulf?” Meri inquired.
“What?” Wulf growled.

“You should definitely try meditation, I’ve hear it does wonders for ill dispositions,” Meri told him.

 I laughed at the absurdity of Wulf meditating to achieve inner enlightenment.

Though, much to my surprise, I did not hear any menacing retorts that I had come to expect from him.

“Something to think about, love,” Wulf surprisingly agreed with a snort.

I laughed harder, I couldn’t help it, this situation was too bizarre. Wulf eyed me up like I was insane, but Meri joined in giggling.

“You two are insane,” Wulf said with a sigh.

I guess to someone outside looking in we were but as it stood right now, I could care less what any one thought of us.

I stopped laughing after a moment and looked at Wulf for another before asking, “Any news?”
“As Phoenix would say, ‘too much and not enough’. I tore through them, but they didn’t say much.”

“Death would have that effect on them,” I agreed with a sigh.

“Am I missing something? Who died?” Meri demanded.

“Him.” Wulf said pointing to the corpse laying o the ground.

“No, I mean who did you kill? Just who is this mythical them that your going on about?” Meri asked Wulf pointedly.

“Oh them... they were just a few idiots pretending to be assassins,” Wulf said dismissively.

“'Pretend assassins'? And who did they plan on 'pretend' killing?” Meridia demanded.

“Me,” I said quietly.

“You? Why on earth would someone want to kill you?” Meri demanded.

“For no other reason than because I'm alive apparently,” I responded flippantly.

Cover of Shadowy Stillness
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