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Excerpt from The Keeper of Secrets

Book Three of Royal House of Galadin


Finally, Erebrus spoke up, “I think we all need to unleash a bit of mayhem though not with Mbwiri because he needs to be properly looked in first, so we don't spring this trap. Therefore I have the perfect ‘job’ for everyone. There’s an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean that a large number of Dreads have decided to use as a stronghold. Do you want to…”

“Yes!” Anya said, more than willing to kill evil fools.

“I second that,” Skull declared.

“Me three,” Falcon agreed rather quickly.

“Yeah, I’m in, but let me mentally call in Phoenix. He’s been complaining of boredom recently, and he’ll want to be a part of this.”

Anya watched her Uncle Phoenix suddenly appeared seconds later, looking rather cheerful.

“A fight, you say?” Phoenix asked gleefully.

“I actually hadn’t got that far,” Wulf remarked shaking his head at him.

“You really didn’t need to, bestie. We’ve been friends for millennia now. You generally only invite me out when a good fight is about to be had.”

“Do you even want to hear what it’s all about?”

“Is it necessary?” Phoenix retorted.

Wulf shook his head. “Not really, however, here’s the basic run down. We’re taking on an island stronghold full of Dreads.”

Phoenix looked at Erebrus, “Do I have play nice?”

Erebrus shook his head. “No. That’s why I chose this particular mission. All of the innocents were rescued and I locked down the island when Skull called out to me. So, it’s primed for a free for all.”

“Great, let’s go then!” Phoenix declared gleefully.

Erebrus nodded before they summoned up light battle armour and weapons with magic. Then without saying another word Erebrus teleported everyone to the Dread stronghold.

“Right kiddies…” Wulf started when the Dreads arrived on the beach.

“Come get a piece of this hot action!” Phoenix shouted to the Dreads before he plunged towards the murderous horde.

Wulf snorted before shouting, “Why the hell can you not wait at least five bloody minutes before doing something stupid!”

“God, you sound so much like my Iona, it’s unfunny. Listen, Wulf, less talk, more fight!”

“Light’s Sake! Screw it! You can buy me a beer later when I inevitably have to save your butt, Leroy.”

“That’s King Leroy to you, jerkface. Though what the hell are you waiting for?”

“Nothing, really.” Wulf plunged after Phoenix, catching him by the scruff of the neck and dragging him back seconds before he got impaled by a buried trap.

Anya looked around as the wind pointed out thousands of different traps to her.

“Well, they seem prepared for us, but I think it’s time for Anya’s favourite Plan B,” she said gleefully.

“What…? No.” Skull guffawed.

Summoning up a bag full of explosives, Anya grinned. “Oh yeah. Hey Dad, Grandad, Uncle Phoenix! The wind has told me the island’s full of booby traps so I’m going to clear them out with a little ‘mobile TNT’!”

“Be careful,” Wulf cautioned.

“Don’t worry, Dad. Skull and I have her back,” Falcon called.

“Know you do, sons. I was actually taking to ‘King Leroy’ who doesn’t actually have the best track record when explosives are in play during a fight.”

“What do you mean?” Phoenix demanded.

“Explosives make you do crazier things…” Wulf started.

“Does not— Whee!” Phoenix cried out as Anya’s first bomb

detonated. He used the energy of the blast wave to fly over his enemies cutting them down with a combination of sword skill and magic.

“How the hell are you doing that?”

“Oh, this little trick?” Phoenix laughed. “I’ve been bored during the last few months of Iona’s pregnancy and have taken up playing ‘safely’ with explosive in my spare time. Now, quit dawdling Wulf. Less talk more fight.”

Wulf groaned slightly though he could clearly see he was far behind his kids, father-in-law and best friend when it came to causing mayhem. Giving in to his killer instinct, Wulf let out a snarl that rivaled the beast he was name for, and joined the free for all.

Cover of The Keeper of Secrets
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