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The Royal House of Galadin


The Royal House of Galadin, ruled by Queen Raven and King Phoenix, is a royal house built on the ashes of  the old world and focuses on new beginnings. Leading the Charge is Falcon, son of Wulf (brother to Queen Raven) and a deadly assassin in his own right who is about face some serious challenges. After Falcon is Conalai (another brother to Queen Raven) a courtly spy who has face some deadly betrayals in the past and overcome them in order to protect the one person who means everything to him.  All in all, each Vampyr royal will have their own book (except Raven and Phoenix since they're married and Felix Moregan because he's in Shadowy Stillness) and I really can't wait to get started because the Vampyrs are characters that I've always wanted to write books for.

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Predator's Prey


Book One of the Royal House of Galadin


Sometimes when it rain, it pours...


Luna Tirenagan believes herself to be unlucky. After all, being shot, stabbed, run off the road twice, nearly sacrificed by a madman and multiple other attempts on her life, would make anyone believe that universe is out to get them. Though despite all that, Luna is actually most concerned about the dreams she shares with a mysterious assassin named Falcon. Dreams that were actually not dreams at all but visions of Falcon's present that have somehow created an unbreakable bond between them.


More to him than meets the eye...


Falcon Moregan is a man used to knowing everything and anything about a person with a single glance which is a skill he regularly uses as a Vampyr assassin. Unfortunately, the one person who is immune to his gift is the one person he'd give anything to know about: Luna. Especially since, for the past seven years, Luna's been watching him cut a bloody path around the world much to his annoyance. After all, she's always seen him at his worst but all that's about to change since, after seven long years, Falcon has finally met Luna in person.


The best laid plans...


For years Falcon has planned to win Luna over but even the best laid plans can be derailed by the unexpected. Unfortunately for Falcon, he has some big obstacles to overcome, like dealing with her phobias, random assassination attempts from 'elite' human assassins and interacting with the murder ghost inhabitants of Luna's hometown. All things that normally wouldn't phase Falcon but he can't shake the feeling that something or someone more nefarious is waiting in the shadows  for right moment to strike. Though when Falcon does uncover the real villain behind it all, he realizes that the villain's true aim is about to strike a lot closer to home and may very well turn the long time Vampyr assassin from a predator to prey.


Nemesis of Nightmares


Book Two of the Royal House of Galadin


Unrelenting and Unforgiving...

Conalai Moregan is the youngest sibling of the Royal Moregan siblings and also the most unforgiving after having to deal with a lifetime of bitter betrayals as part of his role as the Royal Spy. However not everything is dark and dreary in his life, for Mina Moregan, Conalai’s wife and a Ritana seer, constantly seeks outs way to keep her husband from being overcome by the darkness.

Sometimes it's time for a change...

Though all that’s about to change when Conalai gets the chance to live the life he’s always wanted to as a happily married man. Unfortunately for Conalai, there is someone who wishes to destroy him by first destroying Mina.  An enemy who has some very strange powers that allows him to be the very beast we all fear... a Night Mare.

The best defense is a very good offense...

Frustrated beyond belief that he cannot achieve any happiness, Conalai decides to change the way he deals with his problem by doing the one thing that he has never done before; seek out the assistance of his siblings, despite how much it pains him to do so. Though as he does, Conalai comes to realize that he has a bigger role to play in life then just Vampyr Prince and Royal Spy, since he is one of the rare few individuals in the world who can protect the dream world, especially from the Night Mares, the evil dream demons who seek to destroy all the good in the world. Though first he must overcome the deep pain within himself before he ever has a chance to do so.

The Keepers of Secrets


Book Three of the Royal House of Galadin


Some secrets can haunt you…


Anya Moregan knows many secrets, in fact she is one of a select few who keep the most dangerous secrets in order to protect the world. There is one secret that Anya has kept for a hundred and forty seven years and it has driven her nearly to the point of madness and the brink of destruction. Knowing that she has little time left, Anya turns to the one man who could save her… her husband Thorn Skylin.

Some secrets are better left buried…


For a hundred and forty-seven years, Thorn has been unable to speak to Anya for more than a few moments due to a curse that she instilled upon him and her family. Far from being angry, Thorn is constantly worried about what drove Anya to such a desperate act and when he finally learns the truth, Thorn is confronted by past events that he has done his very best to forget.


Some secret need to be ended…


Thorn and Anya both realize that the only way to be free from the secrets that have tortured their very souls is to end them once and for all. However that will not be a simple task, in order to be able to be free, they first must confront an ancient evil and a life shattering event that drove them apart so many years ago. Will they be able to find the strength and courage to overcome the past, or will the pain of it all finally destroy them once and for all?



The Brimstone Huntress


Book Four of the Royal House of Galadin


Happy accidents can actually work out for the best...


Penny Hawksley is an elite Hellhound who tries to hide many things: her love of the colour pink, her dream of earning a PHD in pure Mathematics and Quantum Physics and her super crush on Lenox Moregan. Luckily, after accidentally outing all three of her biggest secrets in one fell swoop, Penny gets the chance of a lifetime to not only get a chance to earn her PHD at a top notch school but she'll be directly working with Lenox Moregan himself. The man who just so happens to harbour his own crush on Penny.



Happily ever after?


Life couldn't get better for Lenox Moregan, a shy half Vampyr/half Ritana, who has always dreamed of the day when he could finally court Penny Hawksley openly. This chance comes with a lot of strings. Namely learning how to properly go out on a modern date; try to avoid the meddling of well meaning yet very temperamental family members; not to mention, also defeat the darkest most evil beings ever known... you know the usual.


There's a thin line between genius and insanity...


While those closest to them fear the very worst, Lenox and Penny will need to step out of the layers of shadows that they've both been hiding and take on leading roles in the Wild Hunt. This demon hunting party is led by the toughest warrior of them all, the Brimstone Huntress. However, after spending years hiding from the world, being front and centre may very well be their undoing... or maybe, just maybe, the Wild Hunt and the Brimstone Huntress will win their greatest battle yet.

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