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The Andraste Saga


The Andraste are a legendary family of warriors, that are not only reknowned for their feats of heroism but also for their familal drama. After all, between 1100 year old family feuds, secret agendas, and seventeen siblings that couldn't be more vastly different from one another, makes for some real interesting  stories (I hope ;P ). Though everything always starts at the beginning with the Elders, Arikadelia and Treyber Andreaste, twins who not only have a feud to end (see above) but their own personal wars to wage.

Fate's Fortune


Book One of the Andraste Saga


Arikadelia and Prometheus' story


Coming 2019

Fate's Fury


Book Two of the Andraste Saga


Treyber and Mydnyte's Story


Coming 2019
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