This is the start of a long journey. Welcome to the Halsin Chronicles, it begins with Aidan, a king who doesn't want to rule, and his siblings stories are to come, each with their own problems to overcome. Each also coming to odds with the Halsin Legacy, and being a beacon of hope to people long in need of one.

The Halsin Chronicles

Night of Redemption


Book One of Halsin Chronicles

One night she lost everything...


Nia Galadin knows pain and suffering. One Halloween night, Nia lost her family and now she's out for revenge against the woman who ordered their murder. With nothing to lose, she will use any means to bring down her enemy, even if it's seeking the help from a stranger who by all rights should be her enemy as well.


One night his past caught up to him...


Aidan Halsin is a man with a secret. Born the King of the Fae, he hides in plain sight by working as a paranormal detective at his family's agency. He's never wanted to be king, because he knows it will earn him nothing but a death sentence. But all that will change when he's thrown directly into harm's way.


Destiny is a fickle thing...


Set on a perilous path, Aidan and Nia must overcome great odds.The world they plunge into is one with chasms of secrets and lies. Knowing neither friend nor foe, they must learn that in seeking vegeance, there are only three outcomes if they succeed: regret, retribution and redemption. Though if they fail there is but one alternative: Death.




Shadowy Stillness



Book Two of Halsin Chronicles


Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction...


The only thing that Meri Halsin wants to be is normal. Something that is hard to do when the family business is to keep track of things that go bump in the night. Worse yet, an ancient family curse called the Halsin Legacy, has marked her to be the next victim. The only way Meri can escape the curse is to find the one warrior able to defeat the madman behind the curse.


Sometimes the nightmares never go away...


Will Moregan is often haunted by what he considers his biggest failure in life. Swearing to never let the same thing happen again, he has dedicated his immortal Vampyric life to protecting the world from the true evil out there. When a strange turn of events leads him to find out about Meri Halsin and her predicament, he swears to defend her no matter what; even if that means facing his failure head on.


Hope is often the only thing left...


As the curse unravels, both Meri and Will are challenged with the madness of an ancient evil at work. An evil that has been festering for thousands of years, and with legions of minions who are hell bent on destroying them.

With few to trust, Meri and Will must race against time to find their only true salvation, so they can defeat the evil before it can plunge the world in darkness.


​​ISBN-13: 9781312483569


Dangerous Realms



Book Three of Halsin Chronicles


Everything that glitters isn't golden...


Lydia Halsin is tired of being known for her looks and not the smarts she truly possesses. When the opportunity for her first solo mission for Paranormal Investigations arrives, Lydia jumps at it because it will fulfil her life long goal of being the best Paranormal Investigator she can be. Unfortunately the case turns out to be a murky quagmire of traps that an evil villain has set for her in order to see her dead.


Fate works in mysterious ways...


Frey Lindgren is a powerful Norse immortal with nothing but time on his hands and grudges to bear. When he sees that the man whom he bears a grudge against for over a thousand years, living a wonderfully peaceful life, Frey is enraged. Though in a strange twist of fate, as Frey begins looking into his enemy, he comes across Lydia Halsin instead and immediately recognizes the danger that's she in. Far from running from it, Frey runs towards the danger, ready to take on whatever may come.


Desperate times call for desperate measures...


As Frey and Lydia work together to overcome the dangers before them, more twists and turn develop, eventually leading to a huge revelation, the Ragnorak, or the apocalypse may not be that far off after all. In a bid to save life on Earth, Frey and Lydia journey in the unknown and face the very core power of the Seven Isles of Atlantis. Though time is not on their side and the window to save life is closing fast.   


The Last Defender



Book Four of Halsin Chronicles and The End of the Series


The road to ruin is often paved with good intentions...


Memphis Halsin is a man on a reckless self-destructive quest to lure the last Horseman of the Apocalypse, Karanthos of Plague, into a winner take all fight. Unfortunately for Memphis, his bold moves have actually cost someone else very dear to him their life. Not to mention, they nearly cost him his own as well if not for the one woman who swore to never have anything to do with him; Callie of the Griffins. Back to square one, Memphis has little choice but to trust Callie and take an entirely different approach, something that might just break this devil may care Halsin.


Time may heal all wounds but it does little to help the heart...


Callie of the Griffins, was once just as reckless as Memphis, but she too has paid a high price for her actions. Swearing to never return to those ways, she buries her past and becomes the tranquil Rare that everyone knows her to be today. Though since Memphis arrived on Terriana, the home of the Animalia, she has been far from tranquil as she recognizes him immediately as her mate. Callie fought the call for years but after Memphis has a near brush with death, Callie knows she has lost that battle and accepts her fate, though she still believes there is no hope for them with the Horseman of Apocalypse still looming over them.


The final battle is upon us...


Memphis knows that he must fight for a lot of things; his family, his people and most importantly his mate. Though for the first time in his life, Memphis must believe in an ancient prophecy that he has always scorned. The prophecy that has declared him to be 'The Last Defender', the only being able to stand on the very edge of disaster and hold back the tide. In order to do this he must journey around the world, fighting not only his own fears and self-doubts but the very real minions of the last Horseman of the Apocalypse that are out to kill him and those Memphis holds dear. After all, Memphis isn't the only one out for revenge, Karanthos is too and this is one battle that may be too close to call.




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