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The books revolve around seven immortal isles that hold within them, all the magical energy of the world and protect against the forces of evil.



(The Isle of Darkness)

Kilderheeth is also known as the Isle of Darkness. A layer of thick dark clouds keep the island in a state of eternal darkness. The keepers of the land are currently the Vampyrs, though it is in dispute as th Fallin, the Vampyrs mortal enemies have lay claim to the island.

As it stands currently, the Vampyr King Phoenix and Vampyr Queen Raven, have contained the vast untapped power of the Kilderheeth, in an area the Fallin have called the void, at the very center of the island.

The Fallin, and their allies the Dreads currently inhabit Kilderheeth and have made it a shrine to Balin, the first Fallin ever created.

The Vanishing Isle

(The Isle of Magic)

The Vanishing Isle is called Eilean Draoidheil or Draoidheil for short but the name is rarely used. The island is said to hold the most ancient magic, something that only the true ruler of the Fae can use. Currently the isle is said to be a warped wasteland under the mad rule of the Pretender to the Fae thrown, the Fae call the Wretch. What plant life that survives is twisted. 

It has been said that once the true ruler ascends the throne, the guardians of nature will bring back the prosperity to the island.  

Vanishing Isle


(The Isle of Existence)

Drakavalos is the first Isle, and consider the "Heart" or source of existence. It is an island of extremes, with six define areas and one cave of untold power. It is said within the cave, the Draggenin are made.

The six areas are define by their "core" power, or the power entrust to six Draggenin guardians. Four are the elements : fire, ice, earth and wind. The other two are based on existence : life and death.

The land of Fire is dominated by a volcano,  Ice is dominated by a frozen snowy tundra. Wind is dominated by a range of windy cliffs, as Earth is a giant forest.  Finally Life is a beautiful beach, and death is a deep impassible marsh.

The Western Isle

(Isle of Hope)

The Western Isle was originally part of the Vanishing Isle. It was the home of the Changeling during the second Fae war. The isle was all but decimated, and the last remaining islanders left never to return.

A few hundred years after the islanders left, the eldest siblings of the Andraste siblings, took over the island.

The Andraste worked hard to restore it and after thousand of years the isle is hardly recognizable. It is a vast lust wilderness, and most consider it the isle of hope and second chances.  The isle is still solely the domain of the Andrastes who are Drakii, the children of Fae and Draggenin.

Western Isle


(The Isle of Power)

Ormegalo is the primordial home of the Omega Clan. The Omega Clan has often been called gods and goddesses in an ancient times. There is a division between the Omega Clan and the deities. Deities were Omega Clan members who chose to rule humans, where the Omega Clan chose to protect.

The isle is powerful, second only to Drakavalos. It is an ever changing landscape, often shaped by its inhabitants. Ormegalo is divided up into different factions, like Asgard, home of the Norse Deities and Mount Olympus, home of the Greek Deities.


(The Isle of Nature)

Terriana is the home of the Animalia, and is the most lust and bountiful isle of the seven. Terriana is called the home of nature, and also the a great preserve.

The Animalia fiercely protect their portion of the natural world, they don't allow outsiders on the island that cannot be personally vouched for by any member of an Animalia Clan.  Little else is known about the island with the exception of a small tiny portion that is called the secret grotto, a place where it is said the waters of life accumulate.

Celestial Inlet

Celestial Inlet

(The Isle of Healing)

Celestial Inlet is often mistakenly called Shangri-La, though a small portion of it does contain the fabled city. It is a place of enlightenment, wisdom and healing.

The inhabitants of Celestial can be divided up into two peaceful races: the Ritana, also called the Shaman who heal spiritual and magical wounds, and the Zanthe, also known as the Healers, who heal physical and mental wounds. Both coexist in harmony, but others often seek to harm them, because of the great power both possess.

 Currently the Omega Clan, Drakii and Animalia, protect these mystics from outsiders.

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