Excerpt #1


Falcon passed through the double doors of the big box store and looked around as he mentally went over the floor plan of the store in his head. He hadn't told Luna, but in true assassin form he had 'acquired' the store floor plan and made note of exits, aisles, washrooms, duct work and any other potential escape routes that could be taken if necessary. Not that he planned to use any of them but it was something that was ingrained in him to do so. After all, any assassin worth their salt never walked into a room without having an exit strategy.

His next secret move was to use his Vampyr powers to listen to the store employees chatter on his walk up from the parking lot. He wasn't truly eavesdropping for he could care less about store gossip, he was really looking for signs of anyone out of the ordinary who wasn't a true employee. Though he had also hacked the employee database for today's roster of employees to check too for Falcon wasn't taking any chances with anything. After all today was one big step for Luna, to put her mind at ease.

“Oh good cereal is on sale, ” Luna said drawing Falcon's attention back on her.

Falcon smiled as he placed one hand on the cart and lay the other hand on Luna's side and looked over the flyer in her hand.

“Looks like those faux waffles are on sale too. Great! I want to try those, as well as those corn dog thingies on a stick,” Falcon said.

Luna looked up at him wrinkled her nose at him as she replied, “Those aren't my favourite, I prefer homemade ones because flash frozen just isn't the same. Though I don't have a fryer anymore to make homemade corn dogs, it went missing after dad died. I keep meaning to replace it but I forgot all about it. Besides fried foods aren't the healthiest anyway.”

Falcon flipped the page in the flyer and pointed out, “Well looks like we're in luck because fryers are on sale too. Now where do we start shopping? Electronics, food, clothing, kitchen...”

“I like to leave food for last if that's okay, especially if we're planning to be here for a while because I don't want any of the frozen stuff to melt.”

“Agreed, how about we start with the appliances. Then we can get the all-important fryer, not mention a lot of other things I want. Oh and I forgot to mention, I get to set the ground rules today,” Falcon declared.

“Oh? So what are the ground rules?” Luna asked.

“First off I get to buy everything and not that it truly matters but I could buy everything in the store I wouldn't break the bank. I mean that in all honesty for my family has a massive collective wealth that my aunt manages. So no worrying about buying too much, or something is too expensive because I want to be super indulgent, and buy things that will make my family members crazy jealous. Seriously it's half the fun,” Falcon stated.

“I know I'm going to regret it but okay, I will abide all your rules because you've abided by all mine before. Are they're any other ground rules?”

“Yes, next no worrying for I can see it in your eyes. Today is going to be fun, Luna and we're both in dire need of it.”

“I'll definitely try though it's just being out in public is difficult but I trust you Falcon to keep me safe,” Luna said as she snuggled closer to his side.

Falcon hugged her tightly to him before he said, “Oh... and I want to push the buggy by the way because it's biggest buggy I've ever seen in my life. Truly in Britain and Japan, buggies are like half the size.”

“This is necessary,” Luna defended the buggy as she walked along side of Falcon.

“Is it?”

“Yes, because these type of stores aren't designed to buy one thing, they want you to buy as much as you can and you don't want to end up carrying a million things in your arms, it's awkward. Honestly I have yet to buy less than seven things at this store. Normally it's what I came for, a whole bunch of stuff that caught my eye and the staples.”

“The staples?” Falcon asked curiously.

“Promise you won't laugh?” Luna asked.

“Absolutely love,” Falcon said solemnly.

“Well my staples consist of a pack of gum, a chocolate bar, a tabloid magazine and... romance paperback.”

“Why would I laugh at that, my staples normal consist of knives and knickers for you can never have too much of either.”

Luna snorted before she bit her lip and said, “Sorry, sorry, that was wrong of me.”

“Nah love, I said it to make you laugh though it's true enough because I have way too many pairs for a man who only wears them on jobs.”

“Falcon!” Luna squeaked out as she blushed solid red.

“What why else would I carry a pair of knives if I wasn't on a job silly?” Falcon asked innocently.

“Oh bother, that wasn't what I thought you meant.”

“I know, dirty minded wench, although I don’t wear those like 90% percent of the time because sometimes I just need space,” Falcon grinned.

Luna blushed as she complained, “Ah Falcon, why did you have to tell me that? Now I'm going to be wondering all day if you’re wearing them.”

Luna gasped as she covered her mouth with both hands though Falcon looked at Luna for a long moment before he moved in and whispered, “Well, tit for a tat love for I've been wondering what's what your lovely assets look like too from the get go. After all, I am a man, and though most accuse me of having ice in my veins, I'm just as red blooded as all others, though there is still one major difference.”

Unable to stop herself, Luna asked, “What's that?”

“My blood races for only one person Luna love and you're it,” Falcon stated before he turned away.

Luna stopped dead for a moment as she wondered if he was joking again but Luna knew that he was dead serious. Then she realized that far from being repelled by that, she was entranced.

Excerpt #2


“... Well it was nice to know that Georgie wasn't lying too, you do sound like the villain I'm looking for.”

“Who is this?” Mr. Malcolm demanded.

“Someone,” Falcon responded deliberately.

His uncle snorted once as George let out a small moan of despair.

“Listen here whoever you are, I am not a man to be trifled with. I've got thousands of killers at my disposal who will see you dead for even thinking of...” the man continued on but Falcon had completely stopped listening to him.

After all, villains, especially human ones, seemed to think they were all powerful when they had so called 'killers' at their disposal. It was almost laughable to Falcon because it couldn't be farther from the truth, since Falcon had taken out deadlier opponents. So he let this petty villain go on about his own grand self, while Falcon used his hunter gift to gather the information he wanted from the man. Once he had enough information he decided to stop the man.

“Right, it's time you listen to me. I could care less about all the so called 'killers' you've got, though you should call them all since I'm coming for you and it won't do you any good to run because I know you live at...” Falcon paused before he rattled off all the man's addresses that he had picked up mentally and continued, “and I'll see you in ten minutes.”

With that Falcon abruptly ended the call, then set his watch before he crouched down to the quivering form of George on the ground.

“Buck up Georgie, things are going to become infinitely better for you because I'm going to deal with this idiot now. Though my final request of you is to sigh this piece of paper.”
George looked up and Falcon and croaked, “What's this, my death warrant?”

“Melodramatic much Georgie? No it's not your death warrant, this piece of paper merely states that says you are now my friend.”

“Friend? What kind of joke is this?”

“No joke, and absolutely none of your business. Just sign the paper man, and promise me you'll get out of the drug business since it's a bit iffy and I really don't like my friends in it.”

“You seriously won't kill me?”

“Not if you sign it.”
George didn't even hesitate as he signed the paper. Falcon instantly tucked the paper into his inside jacket pocket before he stood up and moved back towards Phoenix and Wulf. Then the three of them made their way down the fire escape silently as they entered a vehicle.

“Mind telling me, what that little piece of paper business was about?” Phoenix demanded.

“Proof for Luna that I made a single friend. Trust me Georgie won't betray me, he's not that stupid.”

“Okay I'll give you that, and honestly, he'll probably bend over backwards to please you in the future but I still don't get why you did it.”

“That's alright Uncle Phoenix, you don't have to understand.”

“Falcon be nice to your uncle and explain it to him better,” his father admonished him.

“Fine, Luna sometimes witnesses my work through her dreams and that's what's caused her to worry so much. I also won't lie, sometimes I'm real reckless too but if I bring her this pretty list of 'friends', she'll laugh at it because like you she'll find it absurd but she'll appreciate the gesture. It'll also put her at ease too.”

“Okay, that makes better sense. Anyway, do you think that this punter really has a thousand 'killers' at his disposal?”

“I seriously doubt it, though if he did then it'll make the night interesting, Uncle Phoenix.”

“Agreed, let's get going now, we've got mayhem to cause and ten minutes apparently to do it in.”

Falcon snorted before he teleported the vehicle to the new address.

Not even bothering to sneak into the building since Falcon had told the villain that they were on their way, all three waltzed into the massive building as if they owned it. As soon as they did, Falcon heard the telltale sound of automatic assault rifles being trained on them. Looking slowly around, he took in the wall to wall security forces in full riot gear lining three stories of the open entrance way.

“Damn it!” Phoenix shouted suddenly.

“What ails you now?” Wulf asked him mildly, though he didn't take his eyes off the guards.

“I only count 382 villains in the whole building, where the hell is the rest of them?”

“I clearly told you that there wasn't be a thousand villains here,” Falcon retorted.

“Still, 382 punters in a huge thirty story building? That's only 127 to 1 you know, and I don't roll out of bed for this kind of nonsense unless the odds are at least 150 to 1. Hey lackeys, which one of you is in charge?”

The entire security force seem to lift their guns higher.

“Pricks the lot of you! Seriously there's not a single soul who can make a decision here? Good Light Falcon, they are drones, what kind of crap is that?”

“They aren't drones, uncles Phoenix, they are real people. Anyway are you going to bitch all night or can we finally get down to business now?”

“Alright, alright, I call dibs on the right side.”

“I've got the left and see you upstairs, son,” Wulf said.